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Nulu Toasted Honey Single Barrel Bourbon

Nulu Toasted Honey Single Barrel Bourbon

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5.5yr MGP Bourbon finished in a Toasted barrel and then a honey barrel for 9 months. We're naming this one our Summer Honey!


Upon first approach, aroma presents an explosion of amazing aromas of sweet honey right off the bat. The smell reminds us of freshly baked honey buns in grandma's kitchen and we can nose this one forever. The honeyed notes are immediately apparent and as the bouquet unfolds, hints of vanilla and creamy buttercream frosting emerge. Beneath it all, the familiar bourbon backbone reveals itself through subtle baking spice, vanilla, with faint hints of fresh summer berries and cream.


The first sip is viscous, full and delightful that leads with a burst of honey, vanilla, cream, and a soft and pleasant mouth feel. The palate is greeted with a delectable taste that reminds us of rich honey vanilla monkeybread, coated in luscious creamy vanilla buttercream frosting. Alongside the honey and dessert notes, lighter oak nuances intermingle, adding depth and complexity to the experience. The rye spice gracefully dances in the background, providing a subtle yet present contrast to the honey and dessert-forward profile. This is a beautiful summer bourbon that would be perfect neat with a drop of water or on a chilled cube on a hot summer day.


The finish is a wonderful journey of flavors that lingers long after each sip. Waves of rye spice and barrel spice persist, contributing a delightful warmth and complexity. As these spicy sensations ebb, a lingering sweetness emerges, reminiscent of floral nectar and honey. The sweetness softly caresses the palate, accompanied by a subtle malty note that adds an extra layer of intrigue. The finish is wonderfully long and delicious, allowing you to fully savor the experience of this honey-kissed bourbon. A fantastic and balanced honey finish that can also lend itself to be the top choice for fun and fresh summer cocktails!

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